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Pieter reading & listening
I always try to make my designs as much
sense as possible to the subject.
Of course this means that it doesn’t need
any explanation, but why not look at it
through the eyes of the creator?

I designed all the graphical artwork of
both the Audio books including the CD art.
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Guest lessons & Lectures
Original book (2001)
Original book (2004)
Audio book 2 (2009)
Audio book 1 (2009)
You can view this master piece in the Museum
‘Het Dolhuys’.

When Pieter asked me to create a new
website for him I knew I had to shape it into
a book with the touch of the existing art I made
for the real books. It shouldn't only look like
a book, but act like a book with it’s navigation
structure as well. Those are the swapping pages
and the rearranging bookmarks. The fun thing is that
I had the idea of producing them for real as well.

The background of the website changes color.
Not without reason, it is illustrating the
mood swings of the bipolar disorder which
makes it the final touch for this website.

To me, most of my ideas I have never seen before and
I find them unique. That doesn’t mean it has never
done before. I’m just saying that I’m not going to
search the world to check if my ideas were already
done before or not. Either way, my creations
are originated from my own vision.
For the background I used artwork which
Pieter made in a manic episode:
Pieters art at the Museum
CD art
If you are curious about more of my
work, then please visit my website:
I also designed the English & Dutch Omnibus
book covers. For both Audio books I created a
paper stack effect so it looks like a book.
The same idea I used for the Omnibuses.
Because an Omnibus already
is a book, makes it seem like an useless
piece of design. I still found need
for it because this time I used it to create
the effect that it looks like two books.
As a designer I had in mind to
make the new artwork look like the original
books for recognition within the Netherlands.
The new Omnibus
Guest lessons & Lectures
Designers page
Close book
Close book
Close book