Photogallery  In my photogallery you will find photo's taken during interviews on tv and radio and from Het Dolhuys, Museum for psychiatry and more. After the cooperation between the Dutch comedian, Jörgen Raymann and Pieter, for Raymann's theater show: ‘13866 - Too crazy to walk loose’. Raymann receives Pieter's DVD: 'And Pieter saw, that is was good!' Jules Deelder, Pieter, Dieuwertje Blok and the crew of Museumgasten (Museumguests) Jules Deelder en Dieuwertje Blok looking at 'my' cabinet in the 'Linen room' of Het Dolhuys (The Madhouse) Frontside view 'Linen cabinet' in Het Dolhuys (The Madhouse) Hella van der Wijst, Pieter and the crew of De Wandeling Hella van der Wijst, my father, my mother and Pieter in De Wandeling Presentation of the Audio books by Jörgen Raymann to Pieter Overduin and  publisher: Peter De Groot - Repro & Design Dieuwertje Blok recorded the epilogues of both Audio books and also interviewed Pieter and father Jan. Pieter signs his books Jack Spijkerman, Pieter and Bert Visscher in Kopspijkers Paul de Leeuw and Pieter on air with the program: Spijkers met Koppen Gandhi & Pieter Pieter in Dordrecht Jörgen Raymann with the new Omnibus From left to right: Cathy Takens - illustrator, Jörgen Raymann  - foreword, and Pieter Overduin, author. Presentation of the new Dutch and English Omnibus to: Cathy Takens and Jörgen Raymann.